Daniel Schiffner


Core Specializations:
Economic and statistical analysis, Policy evaluation, Cost-benefit analysis

Diploma. Petroleum Engineering Technology, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, B.Comm. (distinction) Finance and Risk Management, University of Calgary, M.Sc. Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta

Associated with firm since: 2020

Previous Experience:
Reserves Analyst; TAQA North America
Radiation Therapist; Alberta Health Services

Daniel Schiffner has a diverse background, with several years of experience in both the oil and gas industry and working in healthcare with Alberta Health Services. He is well-versed in data/economic analysis and policy evaluation. Daniel has been involved in several research projects in the academic and private sectors. Examples of this include:

  • Economic Impact Assessment of Inactive Petroleum Wells – Completed an estimate of the volume and financial cost of leaked gas from inactive petroleum wells and compared these results to well reclamation/remediation expenses to inform policy recommendations. This work involved analyzing an extensive dataset and a net-present-value comparison of future option expenses.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Infrastructure Project– Conduct a financial analysis for a potential capital-intensive infrastructure project to assess economic feasibility. This project involved estimating the construction costs of a novel facility and modelling future energy prices.
  • Resource Development Assessment – Compared three potential options for the development of an Alberta oil field. Daniel completed a detailed analysis of the net-present-value of each development option.
  • Evaluation of Carbon Abatement Policy – Researched the impacts (both negative and positive) associated with a variety of carbon abatement policies. Delivered a report on how these impacts likely prevail in current socio-economic conditions.
  • Policy Documentation Analysis – Daniel completed an overview of organization policy and delivered an update to policy content and outward-facing documentation. This process involved organizational interviews and external data/policy assessment.
  • Assessment of Cattle Ranch Energy Costs – A cost-benefit analysis of implementing a new heating system on a working cattle ranch. This project involved interviews to understand how the project would benefit ranch operations and modelling the costs to implement the project. Dan's work on this project was recently featured on the University of Alberta website here: Geothermal energy could give old oil and gas wells a new lease on life

Phone: 780-409-1751
Email: Daniel Schiffner

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