Economics and Socio-Economics

Nichols Applied Management offers a broad range of services in the field of economic and socio-economic analysis, including:

  • Project cost-benefit studies;
  • Economic and socio-economic impact assessments;
  • Industry and sectoral studies;
  • Demographic and labour-force modelling and analysis;
  • Community and regional economic base and development planning studies.

The firm has completed work in this field for major corporate clients, government authorities, municipalities, international development and aid organizations, and others. A cross section of past assignments in this area of service includes the following:

  • Economic cost-benefit evaluations of proposed highway, pipeline, canal, port, dam, oil sands, upgrader, industrial, agriculture, and forestry projects in North America and overseas;
  • Economic and socio-economic impact assessments related to resource projects, hazardous waste processing, medical research, shopping centres (e.g., West Edmonton Mall, Mall of America), international sporting events (e.g., Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games), tourism developments, transportation projects, gaming, free trade, flood control and drainage, petrochemical and industrial development;
  • Community and regional economic development and planning studies on behalf of municipalities, regional authorities, and senior government agencies;
  • Industry/sectoral studies related to such areas as software, telecommunications business services, publishing, steel, gaming, engineering, manufacturing, dairy products, and oil and gas;
  • Population modelling and forecasting for municipalities and regions;
  • Occupational and industry labour supply-demand studies.


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