Financial Analysis

Financial analysis and evaluation forms a core strength of Nichols Applied Management. The firm applies its expertise in this field to assist in:

  • Financial planning, budgeting, and modelling;
  • Assessing the feasibility of project or investment proposals;
  • Analyzing the financial implications of proposed policy or program initiatives;
  • Evaluating alternative pricing, cost-allocation, and financing approaches;
  • Financial benchmarking and comparison studies.

Examples of past assignments carried out in the financial area include:

  • Independent financial evaluations of business ventures on behalf of potential investors;
  • Analyses of property and business tax implications and municipal fiscal impacts of residential, commercial, and industrial developments, and general urban growth and municipal reorganization;
  • Evaluation of diversification and contracting-out opportunities;
  • Development of financial models to assist municipal and school authorities and senior government agencies in evaluating the implications of major policy decisions;
  • Financial appraisals of major resource development, transportation, urban, and regional projects in the Third World for The World Bank;
  • Evaluation of municipal and infrastructure financing policies and alternatives;
  • Analyses of property assessment, local taxation including tax-sharing, utility financing, user fee and reserves policies, and local governmental expenditures.


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