Strategic and Business Planning

Nichols Applied Management provides hands-on facilitation, advisory, and planning services to organizations in the development of their strategic and business plans. These services have been provided in support of start-up ventures and organizational restructurings as well as to established businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and school boards, senior government departments, and community and regional organizations.

The firm also has delivered a number of related presentations in the field of business planning and performance measurement at conferences and seminars.

Examples of representative assignments carried out in the strategic and business planning field include

  • Assisting school jurisdictions, post-secondary institutions, and senior government education authorities in the development of multi-year strategic plans;
  • The formulation of a privatization plan for a major area of gaming on behalf of a senior level of government;
  • Assisting municipal and senior government departments in the development of their business plans, including the definition of goals, strategies, and actions and associated performance measures;
  • Assisting governmental authorities in planning and implementing major contracting-out initiatives;
  • Preparing business plans and feasibility studies for proposed start-up businesses and project expansions;
  • Developing change management plans for the adoption of new organizational and program/operational delivery approaches in public and private sector organizations;
  • Conducting background research and financial impact analyses to support the development of strategic and business plans.

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