General Management

Organizations engage the management of Nichols Applied Management to assist with a variety of management concerns. Our assignments in the field of general management consulting range from the short term facilitation of a planning session or workshop, to the on-going provision of advice and analytical support, to the preparation of major studies. The firm's professional staff has the expertise required to address complex organizational, financial, marketing, and operational concerns.

The firm has:
  • Reviewed the management and performance measurement systems of client organizations;
  • Assisted organizations to resolve various management, administrative, financial, marketing and operational issues;
  • Provided decision-support analyses to guide management;
  • Assisted management in developing standards and performance measures;
  • Ascertained the levels of service, product, and organization satisfaction of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, and employees;
  • Reviewed organizational effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Carried out legislative and policy reviews;
  • Provided general management and advisory services to a number of start-up organizations.


If you would like to speak with us about any of these practice areas, or if you have any questions, pleaseĀ Contact Us.

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