Our Practice Areas…

Nichols Applied Management provides consulting services in a number of areas, including:

Local Government

The firm assists local and regional municipalities and other public agencies supporting annexation and amalgamation efforts, organizational and operational reviews, off-site levy, utility and rate analyses and policy development.
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Economics and Socio-Economics

Nichols Applied Management provides skilled resources in economic and socio-economic analysis, estimating economic and social benefits and costs of a wide range of projects and policies at a local, regional, and national level.
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Market and Survey Research

Our skills and expertise in designing and analyzing quantitative surveys and focus groups support our work in market analysis, program evaluation, performance measurement, and economic analysis.
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Education and Training

The firm works with post-secondary institutions and education and training departments and agencies in addressing questions of governance, strategic planning, performance measurement and evaluations, taxation and funding questions, and general advisory services.
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Urban Infrastructure

Allied to our work with local governments, Nichols Applied Management is extensively involved in needs and financial assessments, evaluations, and managing of local infrastructure. These include roads and bridges, utility systems, and education, health, recreation, commercial, and other facilities.
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Program and Policy Evaluation

Nichols Applied Management has a strong reputation for the impartial and incisive evaluations it conducts of government program and policy initiatives. Our work includes formative and summative evaluations, the development of logic models, and design of performance measures and culminates in improvement-focused recommendations.
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Strategic and Business Planning

The firm provides facilitation, advisory, and planning services to support start-ups as well as established businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and school boards, senior government departments, and community and regional organizations.
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Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a core strength of Nichols Applied Management. The firm has expertise in financial planning, budgeting, and modelling; assessing project or investment proposals; analyzing financial implications of proposed policy or program initiatives; evaluating alternative pricing, cost-allocation, and financing approaches.
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General Management

Our assignments in the field of general management consulting range from the short-term facilitation of a planning session or workshop, to the on-going provision of advice and analytical support, to the preparation of major studies.
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