Maarten Ingen-Housz

Core Specializations:
Economic and socio-economic analysis; program evaluation

B.A., M.A., University of Leiden, Holland
M.Sc., University of Alberta

Associated with firm since: 1988

Previous Experience:
Management consulting

Mr. Ingen-Housz has many years' experience as a management and economic consultant, with assignments that have embraced program and project evaluation; resource development; institutional evaluation and strategic planning; and general economics. He has participated in overseas projects, appeared as an expert witness before quasi-judicial boards and tribunals, and served as a facilitator and speaker at a number of workshops and conferences.

Mr. Ingen-Housz has participated in a number of project and program evaluations, pertaining to education, training, and employment; agriculture; municipal assistance; housing; transportation; property taxation; and economic development.

His strong background in economics has been applied to a wide range of cost-benefit and economic and socio-economic impact investigations, which have extended to various resource projects (oil sands, pipelines, dams, upgraders, etc.), road and airport projects, tourism developments, agricultural programs, and manufacturing operations. He has assisted several resource companies to assess the regional and provincial impacts of major oil sands projects and has worked with a public-private sector collaboration of stakeholders to develop a computerized model for measuring population and other project impacts.

Throughout his career as a management consultant, Mr. Ingen-Housz has worked with Aboriginal groups and on Aboriginal issues. He has been extensively involved with the M├ętis Settlements and several First Nations and Aboriginal organizations on planning, evaluation, and economic development issues.

Mr. Ingen-Housz also has directed a number of marketing and strategic planning and management reviews on behalf of various public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

Phone: 780-409-1755
Email: Maarten Ingen-Housz

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